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With more than 5% of Navarre’s GDP, the renewable energy industrial sector, based mainly on the manufacture of wind turbines and their components such as blades, controls, bearings and transmission boxes, is the second largest exporter in Navarre. This fact was pointed out by the General Director of Business, Internationalization and Work Policies, Izaskun Goñi, who, accompanied by the Managing Director of ENERCLUSTER, Javier Villanueva, presented the 2nd International Conference of the Industry for the Ecological Transition CITE, which will take place on 6th and 7th October at the Navarra Arena. They also reminded that registration is open until full capacity is reached.

CITE is one of the most important conferences of the Renewable Energy sector in Europe and aims to highlight the importance of Navarre’s industry in the way to Ecological Transition, organised by ENERCLUSTER and the Government of Navarre in collaboration with the AEE (Spanish Wind Energy Association).

The General Director of Business, Internationalization and Work Policies, Izaskun Goñi, recalled that more than 300 people attended the first edition of the congress, held in October 2018, the aim of which was to bring together in Pamplona/Iruña the main companies and suppliers of the wind energy sector to promote and strengthen the sector. «We expect 500 people to attend the Navarra Arena this year. We will highlight the value of public-private collaboration in order to promote the competitiveness of the renewable energy sector in Navarre. However, in the current economic context, this congress now has a clearly global character, such as the fight against climate change and the ecological transition,» explains Izaskun Goni.

On the other hand, Izaskun Goñi has underlined the participation of a list of top-level speakers such as Mark Z. Jacobson, PhD professor at Stanford University and Director of the university’s Atmosphere and Energy Programme, and Cristina Lobillo, Director of Energy Policy at the European Commission, who will speak on the latest fit to fifty-five programme, which is firmly committed to achieving the ecological transition. Not to mention «the large representation of executives from the main companies in the sector, including those from Navarre, wind turbine manufacturers, Spanish utilities and energy companies and leading companies in electrification, who will gain a better understanding of our industrial fabric in this field,» Goñi said. «It is a strategic and growing industrial sector, both in terms of exports and investment in SMEs in the value chain», he said.

The Congress is framed in a GLOBAL context of awareness of global warming and climate change caused by the current energy model based on the use of fossil fuels. A limited and polluting model due to its carbon emissions into the atmosphere and no questioning of the need for a change of model.

Likewise, Javier Villanueva, manager of ENERCLUSTER, stressed the importance of the Congress from the European vision, legal, political and social frameworks. Such as the European Green Deal or Green Pact approved in December 2019 by the Commission, with the aim to become a carbon neutral Europe by 2050 through respect for biodiversity and change based on the creation of a circular economy without emissions. He also pointed to the FIT FOR 55 package of 14th July 2021 with a clear target of 55% renewable energy end-use, up from the current 32%.

The format will be face-to-face on 6th and 7th October in Pamplona, at the Navarra Arena, although the congress can also be followed in streaming in Spanish and English language after registering on the website

Round table debates will be organised with the participation of executives from companies and institutions according to the following themes:

  • Plans and initiatives of electricity generation companies in the ecological transition.
  • The role of the renewable energy industry.
  • Major challenges such as energy storage.
  • Technology and Innovation.
  • Plans for offshore wind in Spain.
  • The Digitalisation of the Electricity Market.
  • Decarbonisation of transport and industry.

Involvement in the new energy model of distributed generation, self-consumption and the birth of energy communities.

The CITE Congress, organised by ENERCLUSTER and the Government of Navarre in collaboration with the Wind Energy Business Association, has the support of the main companies in the sector: ACCIONA ENERGÍA, SIEMENS GAMESA, ENERFIN, NORDEX GROUP, ENEL GREEN POWER, SAKANA COOP, INGETEAM, MEKATAR, ARITEX, CENER, GRUPO ENHOL, IED, NABRAWIND, LAUGAGUN, STI NORLAN, EOSOL, GRUPO INERZIA which represent the entire value chain, as well as with the support of Pamplona City Council and CEN.

The contents of this professional congress may be of interest to the general public, who can register individually. All information and registration at


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